Fifty shades of “Red”

Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album, “Red”, has been playing nonstop in my house, my car, and in my head since it came out — because it’s that good.

This is her most creative and mature album yet, with intriguing lyrics and addictive harmonies. Listening to it will make you want to grab a blanket and lay in the sun daydreaming.

Swift was discovered in Nashville by Scott Borchetta and joined his record label, Big Machine Records. She released her first self-titled album in 2006 at only 16 years old. Her other albums, “Fearless” and “Speak Now”, catapulted her to fame — becoming one of the biggest names in not only country music, but in the entire music industry.

“Red” delves into Swift’s relationships and emphasizes all the emotions that come with it. Her first single, “We are never ever getting back together,” is energetic and catchy, but sounds like something a Disney channel star would sing.

Her album has beautiful slow songs that are captivating; every lyric demonstrates Swift’s gift of songwriting.

Her latest single, “Begin Again,” is about starting over. Her upbeat song “Holy Ground” is the song that most makes me want to get up and dance. “All Too Well” is meaningful and honest, as Swift sings about a relationship that started out great but ended badly. Lyrics include “And maybe we got lost in translation/Maybe I asked for too much/But maybe this thing was a masterpiece/Till you tore it all up/Running scared I was there I remember it all too well.”

Swift included two songs on the album featuring other artists. The laid back “Everything has Changed” features Ed Sheeran, and “The Last Time” features lead singer of Snow Patrol, Gary Lightbody. The song is more intense, perfect for the final moments of an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

My favorite song is the acoustic version of “State of Grace”, a Target exclusive, because it is such a simple yet powerful song. Lyrics include “And I never saw you coming/And I’ll never be the same/This is a state of grace/This is a worthwhile fight/Love is a ruthless game/Unless you play it good and right.”

“Red” has already sold over 1.21 million copies and I look forward to what Swift does next. Some may be sick of her writing about her relationships, or question her singing ability, but she is a true performer and puts her heart in her albums, which is why she is so successful — including having won six Grammy Awards.

Now I’m going to lie in the sun and listen to Swift’s album for the millionth time because I will never ever get tired of her music. Ever.

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