NSU Students Help Fight Hunger

Eleven NSU students extended a helping hand and volunteered at NetLife4Families/The Cooperative Feeding Program in Lauderhill on Friday, Nov. 18.

LifeNet4Families/The Cooperative Feeding Program is a private organization that tries to combat hunger by providing a soup kitchen and distributing food boxes from their food pantry.  The soup kitchen serves meals throughout the day and includes a dining area for the homeless. The director of operations, Chris Polzer, at the food bank said around 300 people a day dine there.

The emergency food pantry provides food boxes for underprivileged families with a stable address. Polzer estimated that about 150 to 175 families a day receive these goods.

“With Thanksgiving approaching, that number increases to around 300 to 400 families”, he said.

Tyresha Copper, junior psychology major, said, “I feel this program and the services provided are truly amazing. I am honored that I was able to be associated with the organization and help out in some way.”

Cooper, Kelsey Cortez, senior communication studies major and Nil Patel, senior exercise science major, coordinated this service project as part of a leadership class group project.

Cortez said, “I was surprised at how many students were actively looking for a place to volunteer, specifically with feeding families. We look forward to planning the next trip to the community kitchen.”

The students said that volunteering with their peers at the community kitchen was a great experience.

Volunteer Jeremy Mathis, senior finance major, said, “That was one of the best times of my life — being able to put a smile on people’s faces. I plan to go every month now.”

The function of the organization relys heavily on volunteers.

Polzer said, “We could never do all that needs to get done without our volunteers. There is no possible way. We rely very heavily on volunteers.”

Those interested in obtaining services from this organization or embarking on what the student volunteers refer to as a heart-warming experience, can contact Chris Polzer at (954) 792-2328.

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