College of Health Care Science makes writing a new priority

The Health Professions Division’s Effective Writing Center is now officially open to College of Health Care Science students for coaching sessions with one of  five experienced writers.  The Center aims to improve students’ skills in writing — a subject that is typically given less attention by students of science.

CHCS students’ needs are facilitated by the writing coaches, all of whom have flexible schedules. In accordance with CHCS students’ academic schedules, coaching sessions are held in the evening and on weekends.

Amanda Chiplock, writing coach and HPD Emerging Technologies librarian, said “Many students who have participated in coaching sessions expressed gratitude to have somewhere to go for writing assistance and guidance, beyond just editing services. I’m excited to be a part of it and help build the foundation for a permanent HPD writing center.”

Chiplock and the other coaches are available to all students enrolled in CHCS, by appointment 24 hours in advance. The typical session involves one hour of personal time with a coach, but can be extended to suit a student’s individual needs.

The flexibility of the EWC is even more extensive; students can also choose to meet with their coach online using web-based platforms, such as Adobe Connect and Google Docs. Coaching sessions are available to all main campus, SEC, and online CHCS students, and all in-person sessions are held on the main campus at the HPD Library. Students are expected to bring with them their paper or other writing-based assignment that they need assistance with.

The writing services offered to students include brainstorming, thesis development, paper organization, and citation style guidance. Help with other writing conventions — such as grammar, word choice, and punctuation — is also available, but basic mechanics, such as spell-check and plagiarism, will not be addressed.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs in CHCS and Co-Founder of the EWC, Terry Morrow, said, “Students and faculty have identified writing support as an important area for student support. Our vision is to see it expand to serve all HPD students.”

Dean of College of Allied Health & Nursing, Richard Davis, responded to this need for writing help by providing the funding for the EWC’s first year. Science students who excel in technical subjects, like anatomy and biology, can now receive whatever help they need in the more “right-brain” field of writing.

Morrow said, “We have a great team of coaches and are already seeing positive feedback from students and faculty.”

For more information about the HPD Effective Writing Center, or to schedule an appointment, visit the EWC website at

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