SEA carnival rings in new semester

The SEA Thursday Welcome Back Carnival on Jan. 10, which was hosted by the Student Events and Activities Board and featured classic carnival games, was, according to organizers, a great success.

While the main goal of the event was to welcome students back from winter break, many clubs and organizations, such as the Gay Straight Alliance and Alpha Kappa Psi , were able to connect with potential new members.

Jonathan Clerge, senior communication studies major, handed out flyers to spread word of the first GSA meeting and to advertise the club’s upcoming charity prom. Members of GSA frequently attend SEA Thursdays, but Clerge said that the Welcome Back Carnival was especially successful.

Members of Alpha Kappa Psi, a coed professional business fraternity, decked their table with blue and gold flyers, posters and memorabilia. Fraternity brothers, wearing their letters, talked to potential recruits.

Lindsey Goldstein, a junior education major who works for SEA Board, said, “We were going to have the event outside, but because of the construction in the quad, the carnival was moved indoors.”

Tiffany Simons, sophomore exercise and sport science major and the chief organizer of the SEA Thursday events said, “Our biggest challenge was accommodating the individual needs of each organization. One club needs an electric outlet, while another needs more space. Hopefully we can have the carnival outside next year.”

Many students expressed their appreciation of SEA Board’s efforts.

Bansi Savla, freshman biology major, said “SEA Board spends a lot of effort to cater to all students and make a unique theme for each Thursday.”

Divya Pandya, freshman biology major, said she enjoyed the cotton candy machine while, Arabhi Rajagopal, also a freshman biology major, was excited to receive free goodies.

“I love this photoblock. The SEA Thursdays give me so much Shark Pride,” Rajagopal said.

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