Hillel fights for children

NSU’s Hillel, the world’s largest Jewish campus organization, will host a lesson on Krav Maga — Israeli self-defense — on Feb. 13 at 4 p.m. in room 1306 of the Recreational Complex at the Don Taft University Center, in celebration of Israel Awareness Month. A light lunch will follow.

Hillel will collect $5 for every participant and the proceeds will go to Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli-based international humanitarian project that provides life-saving cardiac surgery and other procedures to children — regardless of their nationality, religion, gender or financial situation — at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel. They also provide training programs for medical personnel, lead surgical and teaching missions in other nations, and have cardiology clinics in Israel and around the world.

Sam Falk, senior communication studies major, serves as NSU’s Israel engagement intern and is helping to organize this event with Hillel.

He said, “We chose this Israeli-based charity because it helps children who suffer from heart disease and need medical treatment.”

The Krav Maga session will introduce participants to the basics of Israeli self-defense. Krav Maga’s techniques are practiced by civilians and law enforcement agencies around the world. The hour session will be led by NSU junior political science major Davy Karkason, who has been a trainee/instructor of the martial arts technique for ten years

Karkason said, “As the youngest trainee, I was taught Krav Maga in Switzerland when I was 12 years old. It personally helped me regain confidence, become disciplined and taught me how to defend myself against bullies.”

To start of the event, Karkason said he will, “introduce Krav Maga, its history, and how I became involved at such a young age in Switzerland and Israel. I will teach the basics, such as how to block with 360 degree defenses. I’ll also explain how to strategically react in different scenarios to have a better chance of victory or even survival.”

Hillel’s goal is to enrich every student’s life, regardless of religion or nationality, through events that reflect Jewish values and culture.

Falk said, “We want to celebrate the state of Israel this month, as well as educate students on the country’s global impact. While completing our mission, we hope to raise money to support the wonderful charity, Save a Child’s Heart.”

The entire NSU community is invited — including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, along with anyone within the local community.

Vice President of NSU Hillel Lindsey Goldstein, junior education major, said that their first year celebrating Israel Awareness Month was in 2012, but this year’s events will be bigger.

Goldstein said, “We’re really trying to emphasize that just because you’re not Jewish, does not mean that you can’t help with this movement and help educate people.”

All proceeds will be sent to Save a Child’s Heart in the end of February after Hillel’s final Israel Awareness Month event, “iFest,” on Feb. 22 from 12-2 p.m. in the Don Taft University Center Pit.

Falk said, “We don’t have a set goal, but hope to raise several hundred dollars.”

To learn more about Save a Child’s Heart, visit saveachildsheart.org. For more information on this year’s Israel Awareness Month, contact Sam Falk at sf636@nova.edu.

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