IQ Scholarship rewards students for learning about NSU

From March 31 to April 13, all NSU students can compete for two $2500 scholarships in the IQ Scholarship — an online NSU trivia quiz created by the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, a nonprofit organization developed by the Abraham Fischler School of Education.

This is the second year that CKSF is offering the IQ Scholarship. The prizes will go to the highest-scoring undergraduate student and the high-scoring graduate student. Participants must register at CKSF’s website,, to take the quiz, which according to Daryl Hulce, CKSF president and founder, takes roughly four minutes to complete. The quiz is composed of 15 multiple-choice questions about NSU, all of which can be previewed at, before participants actually begin the quiz.

“In my opinion, this is the easiest scholarship out there,” said Hulce. “This is perfect for students who complain that NSU doesn’t give out enough scholarship money,”

The questions, which are slight variations on the questions from last year’s quiz, were written by student employees. Questions cover topics like the university’s founding, the founder of the business school and the name of the university mascot.

Hulce encourages students to view the questions before logging on to the CKSF website, because points are deducted according to the amount of time taken to answer each question. He also encourages students to look up the answers as they take the quiz, because no points will be awarded for incorrect answers.

Last year’s winners, business major Arun Kuruppumadom and graduate marine biology student Amanda Sylvester, were each awarded $500 and an opportunity to meet President George Hanbury. This year, Hanbury has increased the award by $2000, with funds from the President’s Office, and will also meet with the winners.

The scholarships will be deposited directly into the winners’ NSU accounts, and are applicable to any of their account balances.

Bridget Guerreo, director of marketing and promotions for CKSF, hopes that the scholarship will motivate students to check out NSU’s new website, which was launched on Feb. 28 by the Office of Innovation and Information Technology and the Office of University Relations.

“The quiz requires students to surf the website a little to find the answers, which is what we hope all of them will do,” said Guerreo.

According to Guerreo, the CKSF website also lists many other scholarship opportunities, of which she hopes students will take advantage. CKSF offers quizzes in a variety of categories, including a $1000 Nursing Scholarship and $1000 undergraduate Education Scholarship.

For more information about the IQ Scholarship or CKSF, contact Daryl Hulce at Daryl.Hulce@cksf.or or 954-262-8553.

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