Students to give donors a “Big Thank You”

On March 25, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Office of Institutional Advancement will host The Big Thank You, a luncheon designed for NSU students who have received merit or need-based institutional scholarships for the current semester to thank their financial donors in person.

Debbie Meline, director of donor relations and stewardship, said she expects around 200 attendees, including President George Hanbury, several deans and many members of NSU’s Board of Trustees, such as Chairman Ron Assaf.

Meline says, “We wanted the students to have an opportunity to personally thank the individuals who have helped them realize their academic dreams.  We also know that donors are not just interested in reports on the impact that their philanthropy is having; they are interested in the human stories of the people who are beneficiaries of their giving.”

The first Big Thank You luncheon was held in October. After hearing praise from students and staff, including President Hanbury, the Office of Institutional Advancement decided to repeat it this semester and hope to make it an annual event.

Keresa Edwards, junior biology major, is a recipient of the full-tution Trustee Florida Academic Scholarship and the Stanley Ann Trusk Scholarship. She attended the first Big Thank You and hopes to attend the upcoming one.

“I expect to meet each and every one of the benefactors who have contributed to these awards, which have aided in my funds to attend NSU,” said Edwards.

There are two major types of scholarships at NSU: endowed scholarships and non-endowed scholarships, both of which are funded by donations from alumni, faculty, community members, private organizations and other benefactors.

Endowed scholarships are created when a donor endows the school with more than $25,000, which is then invested. Earnings from the investment are used to make scholarships and the beneficiaries’ donation to the school lives on perpetually.

Non-endowed scholarships are not invested and are used to make direct scholarships for students until the funds are depleted.

Meline also said that several staff and faculty at NSU who have established Changing Lives Scholarships, are expected to attend the luncheon. These endowed scholarships involve a donor creating a $1,000  scholarship each year, for five or more years.

Belen Perez, freshman environmental science and marine biology double major  and recipient of the Razors Edge Scholarship said, “ [Razors Edge] has made it possible for me to attend Nova, strengthen my leadership skills, work ethic and, most importantly, gain the confidence I needed to make a difference — not only on campus, but wherever else possible.”

For more information of the upcoming Big Thank You, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 954-262-2109.

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