Undergraduate SGA: what is it good for?

What has the Undergraduate Student Government Association done for you? What has the Undergraduate Student Government Association done for you … lately?

Those are two very similar questions which could result in two very different answers.

Normally, the Undergraduate SGA at NSU is very active. Our example of this activity is when former Undergraduate SGA President Adrian Keith Bennett III and an involved student body made the push for healthy alternatives, like the Salad Bar in the food court at the Don Taft University last year.

When NSU administration first approved SEA Thursday, it was supposed to be a monthly event. Years later, another eager Undergraduate SGA president, Anthony Campenni, came into office and the event was extended to every week.

Undergraduate SGA was also responsible for the creation of the commuter student lounge at the Alvin Sherman Library, a place where many students relax before or after classes.

When we look back at the history of NSU, it seems that Undergraduate SGA has played a significant role in the development of the university, which brings us back to our original question: what has Undergraduate SGA done lately?

Aside from knowing about Sharkapolza, the annual fall semester kickoff event, most students can’t even tell you SGA’s role on campus. Many students, I’ve talked to don’t know that Undergraduate SGA has meetings and passes legislation. So my question is, what have those meetings been about in the past few years?

Students aren’t demanding that Undergraduate SGA provide us with another holiday or a brand-new facility on campus. But the organization, should be a little more active in running the university, in order to truly be the voice of the student body.

What are some of the ways they should go about fixing this problem? All the candidates for SGA positions we’ve seen in the past few years, including presidents and senators, have had one thing in common: a promise for change. Yet, we haven’t seen that much change.

Yes, there are a few more options at the food court at the University Center and the hours at the gym have been extended. But what about changes that will affect students who don’t use the gym or eat at the food court?

I’m sure that members of Undergraduate SGA could offer up a list of accomplishments that have produced change, but so few people know about them.

My feeling is that, in order to restore Undergraduate SGA to its full potential, a change needs to occur within the organization. Multiple candidates need to run for positions, in order to bring fresh ideas.

Last year, NSU had a spirited Undergraduate SGA election between two dynamic tickets for all SGA positions. That election was the most competitive one in almost a decade, according to NSU election records, and the issues that concerned the student body were debated like they should be.

Undergraduate SGA elections are a great opportunity to get involved on campus and every student should take part. NSU cannot be a vibrant campus without its students.

This year, pay attention to who the candidates are and ask those questions. Undergraduate SGA is supposed to be your voice at NSU.

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