Storage Wars

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen: the end of the semester, the time of the school year that most students dread. All the assignments are due. Group projects or presentations need to submitted and final exams must be taken. Yes, the last three to four weeks of the school year are rough. And for some students, there is an added stress. If you live on campus, you know what I’m talking about: moving.

For the past nine months, we have made NSU our home away from home. We have personalized our dorms with posters, appliances, pictures of our loved ones and much more. Though this is a tedious task for all residents, the struggle is heighted for international or out-of-state students. We have to pack up, move our stuff and find storage off-campus, and then start the process all over again in three months.

In light of this, NSU should consider having a storage facility for students who have to move off-campus for the summer, but will return to their residence halls for the next school year. Personally, I would feel more secure knowing that my belongings are safely stored in a facility that’s owned and operated by NSU, rather than a company I don’t know.

You may wonder how this would work. It would be simple. Storage would only be offered to students who have signed their contracts with the Office of Residential Life and Housing and have selected their rooms for the upcoming school year. This way, there is a guarantee that they will be returning. Also, each student would have the responsibility of purchasing their own lock for their unit, so there would be little to no liability for NSU. And if the student does not come back for their items or breaks the contract, then NSU has the right to donate or auction their stored items.

These simple rules would simplify students’ lives. Until then, we must gather up our memories of this amazing year and find somewhere to store it.

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