The fine boys of Vine

All it takes is six seconds to become a viral sensation.

Vine, a video-sharing app, allows users to take six-second videos of their daily lives. Each short video plays in a continuous loop on the Vine website or app.

Thanks to Vine, a group of boys known as the “MAGCON Boys” have transformed into celebrities. MAGCON stands for Meet and Greet Convention, a tour that allows fans get to meet Internet stars up close and personal, including popular Viners. A single ticket to attend this convention sells for $230.

The boys were complete strangers before entering the Vine world — their shared characteristics of good looks, hilarious videos and teenage girls drooling over their charm united them all. The funny part is that the only thing these boys did was film a video acting like their normal and silly teenage selves and shared it on an app. From there, they were dripping with fame. In an instant, a six-second video turned into six million fans.

The fact that these boys have the ability to conjure millions of fans for simply being themselves is really amazing. Their videos are a little bizarre and some people may not understand them, but that’s what makes them so exceptional and worth watching.

The Vine world gives ordinary, everyday teenagers the chance to be recognized, feel special and be accepted for their true selves, which is always a constant battle in our world. So, give them a chance and check out their videos. I guarantee that you will chuckle or at least grin. And who knows, maybe you’ll feel inspired to start your own Vine channel.


Nash Grier — “The leader of the pack”
16-year-old Vine sensation Grier captivates teenage girls with his blue eyes and amusing pranks. In one of his videos, he goes up to a complete stranger in the park and starts rubbing the stranger’s bald head as Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” plays in the background. His videos also feature his little sister Skylynn. He often plays the most popular songs heard on the radio and makes his own mini music videos to them.


Shawn Mendes — “The Canadian boy with the guitar”
Mendes is only 15 and is known as the baby of the MAGCON Boys. Instead of playing jokes and goofing around with his friends In his Vine videos, he sings and is known for his striking voice. From sharing his singing with the world he received the opportunity to go on tour with musician Austin Mahone, an 18-year-old American pop singer-songwriter.


Cameron Dallas — “Brown-eyed beauty”
There is no doubt that Dallas’ notable set of abs contribute to his popularity. However, his good looks aren’t the only thing he is admired for. The 19-year-old posts videos of himself dancing, twerking and creating mischief with his friends. Dallas often runs up to random people on the street and tries to hold their hand, hug them and sing in their faces. He receives confused and frightened looks in return, but he never seems to feel ashamed or embarrassed. He is also known for a scandalous trick known as the “smack cam”; he goes up to people with a handful of shaving cream or whipped cream and smacks it onto their faces when they least expect it.


Matthew Espinosa — “Justin Bieber look-alike”
Warning: Don’t be startled by Espinosa’s dinosaur noises or his similarity to Bieber. This 16-year-old will make you laugh with one look at his peculiar videos. One of his most famous videos came about when he videotaped himself being chased by a massive group of girls at the mall. He took out his phone and taped the entire thing while running away screaming.

jack and jack

Jack and Jack — “The two teenage girls”
From diapers to fame, Jack and Jack have been best friends before they started posting Vine videos. Both named Jack and both 18, they transform common teenage girl situations into jokes. Their video titled “When your mom buys you clothes when you aren’t with her,” one Jack pretends to be the mother and the other acts as the daughter. When the mother brings home a hideous shirt, the daughter starts to cry and lights the shirt on fire. Occasionally, they wear wigs to make the videos come to life.


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