‘Tis the season for intramural sports

The road for a successful school year is currently under construction, but we all know that it cannot be complete without adding some fun recreational activity. Take a minute, relax and read on about what intramural sports NSU’s Office of Campus Recreation has to offer this fall.

Graduate Assistant for Intramurals Alina Cioletti said that intramurals are divided into competitive and noncompetitive leagues. The competitive leagues compete in a tournament for T-shirts, while the non-competitive teams play for fun and don’t compete for a prize.

“This is not serious play; it’s really for fun,” Cioletti said. “It’s a great break from doing homework and studying.”

Each intramural sport has a men’s, women’s and coed team. Students can play on just one of the teams or they can play on either men’s and coed or women’s and coed.

To start a team, students need to find a group of friends willing to participate and sign up at IMleagues.com. The website will list how many students are needed for each sport. Some sports will cost $50 for a team, but the prices can be distributed among team members so the cost isn’t designated to a single person.

Students interested in being team captains are required to attend the captains meeting at the beginning of the season for the sport they will be playing. Captains are responsible for working with their teams to establish practice and game times so it doesn’t interfere with their schedules. The captains are also in charge of communicating with Cioletti if there is any kind of issue or concern.

“[Intramurals are] just a different kind of thing to do on campus,” Cioletti said.  “It’s really about camaraderie and teamwork and giving yourself a break. It’s a great way to have fun on campus and learn more about what NSU has to offer.”

Campus Recreation is also hiring officials for intramural games. Campus Recreation will host officials clinics to teach prospective employees about the job. No prior experience is needed and students can be an official for one intramural sport and still participate in another.

Cioletti is also looking forward to the upcoming intramurals season.

“I am going to try to bring in different things: new sports, new special events and things like that so that there is a more diverse amount of things and to satisfy everyone.”

To register for an intramural sport, visit imleagues.com. For more information, contact Cioletti at ac244@nova.edu or call 954-262-7301.

Below are the dates for this semester’s intramural season.


Registration: Aug. 18-Sept. 2
Captain’s Meeting: Sept. 4
Season Starts: Sept. 8



Registration: Sept. 15- Oct. 14
Captain’s Meeting: Oct. 16
Season Starts: Oct. 20


Flag Football

Registration: Sept. 15-Oct. 14
Captain’s Meeting: Oct. 16
Season Starts: Oct. 20


Racquetball Tournament

Registration: Sept. 8-23
Tournament Starts: Sept. 25


Golf Tournament

Registration: Sept. 15-Oct. 15
Tournament Starts: Oct. 18


Preseason Flag Football Tournament

Registration: Sept. 15- Oct. 13
Tournament: Oct. 15-16


3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Registration: Oct. 27-Nov. 6
Tournament Dates: Nov. 10-12


Dodgeball Tournament

Registration: Sept. 30-Oct. 31
Tournament Dates: Nov. 4-5

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