November 11, 2014

Hello again Sharks! I’m sorry I’m a day late but I hope you all had a good Monday! It was a busy day yesterday at The Current getting ready for the new issue that’s out today (don’t forget to pick one up around campus!). As my head hit the pillow late last night I finally remembered why Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.

Don’t get me wrong; I was never excited for Monday to come, to start off the week after two relaxing days but it was also the start of a new countdown to the weekend! It could have been worse. But as I am taking on more responsibility and being awake for more hours of the day, I’ve began to wish that Monday would never come. Monday is the day you have to finish everything you didn’t finish on Friday and catch up on everything you missed on the weekend. It’s almost like three days of work rolled into one.

On Monday morning, my body seems to forget how to get out of bed and open its eyes. It is definitely a struggle. It seems to take a lot longer to get going on Monday morning than any other day of the week. I constantly keep thinking, “Is the weekend really over?” “just five more minutes,” “I love you bed!” Is it me or does your bed seem a million times more comfortable on a Monday morning? I don’t know what it is but my body just knows its Monday and will not move.

Unfortunately, I can’t lie in bed all day and avoid my work forever so I’ve come up with a few ways to try and make my Monday mornings a little better and brighter. When I get out of bed, I play some of my favorite music to wake me up and try to relax for the busy day ahead. I get ready to go to work/school and try to dress in something that makes me feel good. If I dress in something extremely comfortable I will not stop thinking about my bed all day. As the day continues, I focus on being productive and enjoying another day in sunny Florida. I try to smile as much as I can to not only make my day a little brighter but maybe somebody else’s.

I remember the quicker I get up and get my work done the sooner I can lay down in my bed. Monday is definitely a day I wish I could tolerate the taste of coffee. A caffeine boost is definitely needed and I definitely suggest a cup or maybe two of coffee to help you through the day. Lastly, don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. No matter what day of the week it is you’re beautiful and for you guys reading you are just as toned as you were 24 hours ago on Sunday. Looking in the mirror should give you a confidence boost. According to Marie Claire magazine, “Almost half of all women — 46-percent, in fact — responded saying that they’re least thrilled to look in the mirror on Mondays.”

Don’t let Monday’s scare you. You have control and ability to make it the best day of the week. It’s not easy but maybe a cup of coffee or even just one more smile can make a Monday a little better and move a little faster.

Hey, don’t forget its Tuesday only three more days until the weekend!

Keep smiling, Amanda

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