Success Coaches’ Playbook: Preparing for finals

Finals week is near! Are you prepared? Below are some quick tips on how to prepare for finals week.

Create a study schedule. Take time to create a reasonable study schedule for the week. Include time to reread materials, organize your study notes and schedule study groups with fellow classmates. Share your schedule!

Review notes. Review, revise and refresh! Review notes for accuracy and relevancy. Revise notes based on new material learned in class. Refresh your notes by incorporating some creativity such as drawing, outlining, etc.

Connect with classmates. Schedule study group sessions. As a group, discuss a plan of action, how much material will be reviewed, what should be prepared before each session and staying on task. You can invite the Tutoring and Testing Center tutor to your session. To learn more, contact 954-262-8350.

Connect with faculty. Reach out to your faculty to review challenging concepts. To get the most out of your time with your professor, be prepared with specific questions and concerns.

Manage your stress. Don’t procrastinate! Create to-do list, schedule in personal breaks during study sessions, sleep or schedule an appointment with Henderson Student Counseling at 954-262-7050 to discuss stress management, test anxiety and much more.

Use available NSU resources. If you find yourself needing additional tools to manage your schedule, contact your academic success coach at 954-262-8485 to schedule an appointment.

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