How to give a gift to the person who “has everything”

The season of gift giving has arrived. Some people, like those who “have everything,” can pose a problem to others looking to find the perfect gift. Instead of overpaying for a gift that will sit in the back of someone’s closet, there are many creative options that can be explored.

Photo Gifts
For relatives or close friends, a photo gift is a good option. Websites like or offer a range of photo gifts including photo mugs, books, pillows, phone cases, and more. The design interface for all projects is simple and offers a wide range of customizable features. For a sentimental gift, consider designing a travel mug for a loved one, featuring pictures of memorable moments. For a humorous gift, consider designing a photo book featuring all of the bad pictures from the previous years. Remember, be creative!

Baked Goods
Another option for anyone is baked goods. While store bought desserts may seem like a quick and easy gift, opt for homemade, which allows for a personal touch. For groups such as coworkers, bosses, and teachers, cookie trays including multiple types of cookies, bars, and candies are perfect. For family and friends stick to favorite cookies, breads, etc. To make the gift special, stop at a home goods store to find a cookie jar or tin to hold the desserts.

Experiences are suitable for close family and friends. The gift could include gift cards to restaurants, passes to theme parks, or concert tickets. Typically, the experience should be something that the gift giver and gift receiver can do together. Another option, costing little to nothing, is a coupon book. These can be handmade and are extremely customizable.

Obviously this option should be for those 21 years and older. Try to pick an alcohol that is the person’s favorite. If the person does not have a favorite or if it is unknown, find a drink recipe online and put together a basket including everything needed to make that drink. For example, for a chocolate martini, buy a bottle of chocolate liquor, creme de cacao, and vodka. Make sure to include the recipe. Another option is a mini-bottle gift basket. All liquor stores have a wall of mini-bottles of various alcohols and brands. To cover all bases, buy at least one mini-bottle of rum, vodka, tequila, and flavored liquor. Then wrap with holiday ribbon.

Gift Baskets
Gift baskets have endless possibilities. For homemade gift baskets, pick a theme, buy items relating to that theme, then wrap in a basket with holiday cellophane and ribbon. For example, for someone who likes to be pampered, a gift basket may include scented lotions, bath salts, candles, and body scrub. For someone who is a movie lover, a gift basket may include various candies, popcorn, and movie tickets.

Instead of striking out this holiday season, take an extra second to plan out a gift that will mean more than a random item picked from a store. For close family and friends, do not be afraid to get personal with photo books or mugs. For coworkers, children’s teachers, or the mailman, a box of homemade cookies goes a long way. Become the king or queen of gift giving with these easy and sure-to-be-a-hit gifts.

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