Life is beautiful

Welcome back Sharks!

I’m sure we all agree that the winter break was not long enough. I definitely think that is true but to be honest I could not wait to get back to school! You’re probably thinking and asking yourself “Why?”

During the holidays, I traveled back up North to visit my family during the time I had off. Don’t get me wrong I was lucky enough to escape the below zero temperatures and even snow but it was honestly to cold for my liking. Hats, scarfs, gloves, and jackets had to be put on every time you stepped outside. Maybe I was just spoiled because any temperature below 50 was just too cold for me. I could not stop thinking about shorts and the opportunity for me to wear flip-flops again.

I began to realize how much the cold weather has an effect on most people in a negative way. People become more annoyed, angry, tired, impatient, and all around cranky. The warm weather seems to make people happier, more respectful, and even smile more. I know around campus I rarely see a person not smiling or enjoying their day in the Florida sunshine. Working around New York City, everyone is stressed and has somewhere to go. Not many take the time to see what’s around them and appreciate the world we live in.

I know for me looking up at the palm trees, even on a gloomy day can make my day a little brighter. Especially in all that is going on in the world I think it is important to appreciate the world we live in and take in what is around us. Live in the moment and take in the world around you. Life is beautiful no matter where you are.

Keep smiling, Amanda

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