A Poem of NSU

April is National Poetry Month and the perfect opportunity to turn everyday thoughts into a simple piece of prose. We asked NSU students to express their thoughts in this “running poem.” Each student added a few words or a sentence to the ever-growing poem, until, finally, these random words came together.

Sometimes (Faren Rajkumar, junior English major)

I think about (Curtisha DeMarco, sophomore behavioral neuroscience major)

what would life bring (Ashle’ Georges, senior biology major)

What I can learn and what I can teach (Ashley Nichols, sophomore business administration major)

As I’ve walked through life, I’ve realized (Morgan Musgrove, sophomore behavioral neuroscience major)

that opportunities present themselves in many different forms (Linea Cutter, senior political science major)

and it is dependent upon you which path you take (Brianna Walker, sophomore communication studies major)

but is there ever really a bad one? (Ashley Freeman, junior international studies major)

life is full of opportunities that may be disguised as failures, (Elianys Gonzalez, freshman biology major)

just pick one, Or take your time and learn from others, (Ruth Jocelyn, sophomore psychology major)

and learn from your mistakes. (Claudia Marquez, freshman biology major)

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