Mako Movement: SGA outlines its vision

The Undergraduate Student Government Association’s newly elected President Stacey Mendigutia, junior biology major, is ready to improve the NSU experience with her officers from the Mako Movement party.

The new SGA was announced on April 9 after 377 undergraduate students voted. The elected officers will take office May 1.

Mendigutia hopes to accomplish Mako Movement’s five initiatives: enhance the collegiate atmosphere, improve the quality of life for students at NSU, streamline organization funding, support and assist student organizations, synchronize campus resources to improve accessibility and convenience and, ultimately, become one NSU, in accordance with NSU’s 2020 Vision.

Dive into one NSU

The four initiatives created by the new SGA members lead up to the final goal: to become one, united NSU.

“It may sound cliché saying ‘become one NSU,’ but that’s our main focus,” said Mendigutia. “The other four goals are just ways of how we are going to make this main focus happen.”

Enhance the collegiate atmosphere 

Mendigutia hopes to enhance the collegiate atmosphere and have NSU students “raging with school spirit” by plastering the NSU logo all over the university and its surroundings. The party plans to promote and advocate for school spirit in every way possible.

“Utilizing #SHARKNATION with the new influx of students is the perfect avenue to take to improve school spirit,” Mendigutia said.

Improve the quality of life for students

Mendigutia and her team believe that school spirit is lacking and that strengthening the collegiate atmosphere and community involvement by incorporating more NSU traditions will increase Shark pride.

One way the party hopes to accomplish this goal is by enhancing the food quality on campus through already established relations with Chartwells personnel.

“We plan to really use the feedback provided at the annual Town Hall meetings,” Mendigutia said. “We also hope to eliminate the stigma that ‘NSU is more a business than a college’ by making it feel more welcoming and comfortable to both residential and commuter students alike.”

Streamline organization funding, assistance and support for student organizations

SGA currently has made strides to help organizations receive funding, and the Mako Movement wants to continue these efforts, said Mendigutia. The new SGA executive board plans to show their financial support and commitment to student organizations.


“The Lego Party created the event ‘Fund Times’ to inform student organizations of their eligibility for budget hearings and how to create and present a bill,” Mendigutia said. “We would like to continue this  and instill a process where we continue to help the student organizations gain access to the necessary funds.”

Synchronize campus resources to further accessibility and convenience

The Mako Movement feels that NSU provides its students with many opportunities that are underutilized because they are not well known.

Mendigutia said, “We want to make students aware of the resources made available to them on campus and add resources if deemed fit by the students and senators.”



Congratulations to the newly elected Undergraduate SGA members!


Stacey Mendigutia

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Natalie Davison

Vice President of Judicial Affairs

Corey Burns


Bethany Warlich

Executive Secretary

Shane Wolfe

Public Relations Director

Nicole Almeida

Campus Entertainment Director

Sarah Personelli

Residential Senators

Michael Villegas

Emily Laporta

Commuter Senators

Tiffany Roque

Juliana Herrero

Allison Siegel

Minority Senators

Nadia Siddiqi

Laura Vergara

International Senator

Paula Leoro

Inter-Organization Council Chairwomen

Ujala Ahmed

Inter-Organization Council Senator Records Chairwomen

Alyssa Boltson

Inter-Organization Council Legislative Chairwomen

Hema Narlapati

Sorority Senator

Jessica Rodriguez

Fraternity Senator

Steven Alcide

Athletic Senators

Gabriella Lopez

Cassilly Lobaugh

Organizational Standards Board

Desiree Casanova

Lacei Sams

Christian Orsorno

Senate Secretary

Erin O’Keefe


Photo Credit: Courtesy of S. Mendigutia

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