Soundbite: “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” by Flo Morrissey

By Marie Ontivero

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I first heard Flo Morrissey in the beginning of July, and she stood out to me as an artist right way. With her captivating strong, angelic voice and lyrics that perfectly showcased all her emotions, it’s hard to believe she’s only 20 years old. Her album “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” is a work of art thanks to the enormous heart behind it. The album has ten tracks, and by the end of it, you’ll be thinking the two of you are great friends because of her entrancing voice and honest, candid lyrics. It starts off with a relationship gone bad and her thought process to discover why. This is a really moving aspect of the album because you witness her thoughts grow into a self-love mentality. There’s a point where she talks about how now her friend is in love with her former lover and how she wishes them true happiness. It continues on new found happiness and a positive outlook on loving again. The album ends with the song “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful,” a song about how all will be anew and with this new mentality of hers, and how her tomorrow is bound to be beautiful.

You can check out Flo Morrissey’s “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” on both Apple Music and Spotify, as well as the amazing, live acoustic performances on her YouTube channel.

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