Call for TEDxNSU Speakers

The College of Psychology is accepting online applications from NSU students, alumni, faculty and staff to present at the fifth annual TEDxNSU 2015 until Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

TEDxNSU is an annual event modeled after TED talks that features engaging lectures, videos, visual art and interactive activities.

The theme for this year’s TEDxNSU is “Time,” and it will be held from noon to 5 p.m. on March 12 at NSU’s Performance Theatre in the Don Taft University Center.

Associate Professor of Psychology and TEDxNSU organizer Leanne Boucher said speakers are invited to share their unique perspective of time; time is usually thought of as progressing in a linear fashion, but time is more complicated than that.

“Every moment is dependent on what came before, and every moment after is influenced by the present,” Boucher said. “Whether you reflect on historical or personal insights, we are looking for speakers who have thought about how time has influenced their and other people’s time on Earth.”

Brittany Calaluca, senior exercise and sport science major, presented “Where is the real work being done―in the gym or on a computer?” at TEDxNSU last year.

Calaluca said the TEDxNSU experience is one to never forget and that speaking at TEDxNSU was one of the best opportunities she had at NSU.

“Take the chance, and share your own voice, for it is the only voice you have. Your ideas are weapons of mass intelligence; use them wisely, and you will move your audience,” she said.

Applications must include a 250-word autobiography, a 250-word abstract of the planned presentation, a statement of what the idea is, why the idea is worth sharing, what perspective the idea is presented from, how the topic relates to this year’s theme and why the applicant will be a good choice to speak.

Boucher said applicants should think about the one piece of advice they would give someone and provide that information from a specific point of view, such as age, culture or religion.

The TEDxNSU committee will review applications, interview applicants and announce the eight speakers chosen at the end of October.

Calaluca said she was surrounded by very successful professors and students along her TEDxNSU journey and found herself to be successful.

“I met some of the brightest minds. The light in my eyes still hasn’t left from my afternoon on the TEDxNSU stage,” Calaluca said.

Each TEDx presentation must be 10 to 12 minutes long.

“The leap into TEDxNSU will be an amazing rollercoaster ride, and you will find strength in yourself that you didn’t know existed,” Calaluca said.

To submit an application, visit For more information, email


Oct. 5 – Application Deadline

End of October – Speakers selected and announced

Nov. 16 – Talk abstract and biography due

Dec. 14 – First draft of PowerPoint slide due

Jan. 30 – Final draft is due

Week of Feb. 15 – First rehearsal for all presenters

Week of March 7 – Second rehearsal

March 12 – TEDxNSU event

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