Frenzy: Eighth Annual Faculty Exhibition

On Sept 15, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences celebrated the opening of Frenzy, their Eighth Annual Faculty Exhibition in the Performance and Visual Arts Wing in the Don Taft University Center in Gallery 217, which will remain open until Oct 13.

The faculty exhibition is an open event that goes on annually and displays several works of art created by NSU professors and adjunct instructors, including Veronique Cote, Tennille Shuster, Zachary Ordonez, Lucas Hollar and Linda Payne.

Lucas Hollar, assistant professor of public health in the college of osteopathic medicine, displayed his piece “Intentionality” and said his piece tries to capture in an image the random and consequential evolution of the universe and world.

“I am always moved by the existential absurdity of existence and the ways in which personkind does and doesn’t behave in purposeful ways within an indifferent universe or world, the opportunities for and the ways in which personkind can co-evolve with the universe or world and the consequences and experiences of personkind’s efforts to inject purposefulness and intentionality into the universe or world,” he said.

An amazing feature of Hollar’s painting is his “collaboration with the elements of sun, rain and ground,” which created many of the cracks and effects of his painting which he then altered.

Véronique Côté, visiting professor and multidisciplinary studio artist, is displaying many of her works, including “The Screed of Democracy,” “Killjoy Swirl (King Kong),” and “Here my Pretty (Snow White).” Her two pop-culture paintings, “King Kong” and “Snow White,” are a part of a larger series entitled “Punching Cattle on a Jackrabbit.”

“The ‘Punching Cattle’ works are sketches of American culture as viewed by a foreigner, for whom the mixture of traditionalism, corporate dominion, indoctrination and pop culture that shape American heritage is a truly surreal experience,” Côté said. “Just as fairy tales, America has the ability to be wondrous, beautiful, scary and ridiculous all at the same time. Set in her pink surroundings, Snow White doesn’t bite a poisoned apple; she devours the birds that flock around her.”

For more information on upcoming shows or gallery hours, contact the Performing and Visual Arts Box Office at 954-262-7620.

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