Soundbite: Chronovision by Oberhofer

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“Chronovision” is easily one of the best albums you’ll hear all year long, hands down. The sophomore album’s 12 tracks flow perfectly with one another, creating one big, sonic masterpiece. The first track starts out as a short orchestral version of its following track, “Nevena.” This style of introduction immediately captures your attention and sinks you into Oberhofer’s storytelling.

The album touches on relationships with oneself, friends and that special person. Overall, it definitely has a fun and flirty sound to it, with catchy melodies and guitars that fade into vocals. The album exits with the piano and low vocals of “Listen to Everyone,” which then cuts off with a sound much like turning off an old television set. When looped, the sound coming again from the instrumentals of track one just sets you up for round two. So for fans of Oberhofer’s first album, pick up “Chronovision” now; it’s crystal clear how large of a success this album is.

Perfect if you like: The Killers

Favorite tracks: “Someone Take Me Home,” “Nevena” and “Sun Halo”

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