Soundbite: “All of Something” by Sports

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There’s something that’s really inspiring about a girl who can rock. In this case, the band Sports is made up of not one, but two lovely girls and three guys from a small town named Gambier in Ohio — and they’ve created garage gold. They have a very raw, alternative-punk sound; in fact, it’s nearly identical to a band from the early 2000’s called The Weekend. “All of Something” is Sports’ second album, and it has just tens songs. Surprisingly enough, the album is relatively short; nine out of the 10 songs are less than three minutes long. But the length of the album works well with its fast-paced tunes and sparse lyrics. A majority of the tracks reflect on a failed relationship and looks back at how things could have been handled differently. With hints here and there, it’s clear it was quite the roller coaster of emotions; however, these musicians aren’t going to be weighed down. Because the band consists recent college grads who are all going in their own directions, don’t expect a tour any time soon. Like all great things, you must have patience, so until then, you can find “All of Something” on Spotify, as well as other LPs and their first record.


Perfect if you like: The Weekend, Hop Along


Favorite Tracks: “Harder,” “Clean Socks” and “Get Bummed Out”

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