Movie mania: Holiday edition

The holidays are the time for bringing people together, so what better way to bond this winter break than watching a good movie with your loved ones while sharing a bucket of popcorn. Storylines aren’t all that will unfold this holiday break; relationships and bonds will form, too, with the help of a good flick or two.



Release date: Dec. 4

As this main stream trailer begins, you quickly want to change the channel because you think you’re watching another horrible Hallmark holiday movie, but as you reach for the remote the trailer takes a turn. Due to a lack of Christmas spirit, Krampus, a demonic spirit, appears to punish this already-clashing family. See what happens as this Christmas-movie-turned-horror-film reveals the power of the Krampus. Starring Adam Scott from “Parks and Recreation,” you won’t want to miss this.



Release date: Dec. 4

All hail the king. Watch this rendition of one of Shakespeare’s classic plays with a new-age screenplay feel. The directors of this movie stuck to Shakespeare’s original words and 11th century setting. Here you’ll see the story of a man, played by Michael Fassbender, who under direction of his wife, uses evil means to overthrow the king.


“In the Heart of the Sea”

Release date: Dec. 11

Even if you haven’t read “Moby Dick,” this movie brings the classic you’ve constantly heard about to life with extremely realistic animations. See what captain Chase, played by the heroic Chris Hemsworth, and his team go through as they fight for their lives against the viscous whale monster, Moby Dick.



“Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip Sister”

Release date: Dec. 18

Yes, another chipmunk movie filled with squeaks from your favorites, Matthew Gray Gubler, Justin Long and Jesse McCartney. The chipmunks are a little older but still just as naïve. Believing that Dave will switch them out for a new wife, the chipmunks go on a road trip to New York to stop the proposal and, even more importantly, get rid of the chance of having a new stepbrother. Watch the boys make yet another fast and furry-ous presentation.


“Son of Saul”

Release date: Dec. 18

Many of us can appreciate a movie based on historical events. This movie takes place at Auschwitz, one of the most well-known Jewish concentration camps. A prisoner, played by Géza Röhrig, whose job is burning the dead bodies of his own people, thinks he sees the body of his own son in the flames.


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Release date: Dec. 18

Meet this brand new cast full of diversity and life. Over a decade later, Han Solo played by Harrison Ford, and his team must face another threat. As if defeating the Galactic Empire wasn’t enough, now they must fight the evil Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, and his army. Let the force be with you this holiday season.



Release date: Dec. 25

A Nigerian neuropathologist is the first to discover CTE, a football-related brain trauma responsible for many deaths and major injuries of pro players. Although it is a theatrical screenplay, the movie is highly based on true events experienced by Dr. Bennet Omalu, many of which were unpleasant. See what he goes through as he fights for the lives of those who cannot fight against the sports authorities themselves. Bad boy Will Smith plays the lead role.


“The Revenant”

Release date: Dec. 25

Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio is good. Take a look at “Titanic” and “Shutter Island.” Hugh Glass, played by DiCaprio, is exploring the blizzard wilderness of Canada when his son is killed. After losing his son and barely surviving a bear attack, he is buried alive and left to die alone. He finds the strength to dig himself out and goes on a vengeance for the men that took away the one thing he loved in this world, his family.

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