That Time I … joined President’s 64

Written by: Robert Willis

Robert Willis is a junior business and finance major with a minor in economics. He wants to join the Marine Corps and later on get his master’s in finance. Willis is a member of the President’s 64 and has been a proud member of the prestigious club for almost three years.

Like everyone else, coming to college was a drastic change in my life. With my new-found free time I quickly started filling it up with activities, organizations and friends. I had a mission to meet as many new people as possible. After all, I would be spending the next four years of my life with my fellow students. After one semester, I quickly found myself involved with numerous activities, including rushing a fraternity, participating in Super Sharks and joining numerous organizations. With so many involvements, I needed to prioritize and organize my time as efficiently as possible. So I paid a visit to the Office of Student Success to get my life together. It was after working with my student success coach that I found my college career take a sharp turn toward a very positive direction: getting accepted into President’s 64.

My success coach surprised me when she said, “I’ve put in an application for you to be a part of President’s 64”; as a freshman, I had no idea what she meant or even what President’s 64 was. In all honesty, I thought she recommended me for a scholarship, like the Super Sharks program. Just a few weeks later, I found myself going through a very intensive three-tier process consisting of a faculty/administrator recommendation, a thorough application and one of the most nerve-wracking interviews I’ve had thus far in college. It was only after the thorough process that I finally understood the magnitude of what that recommendation to President’s 64 was and the importance the program has to the school for the students, the administration and the community.

President’s 64 is a group of 64 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree-seeking students. All of the students who decide to join P64 are then trained on becoming student ambassadors for the president and to represent him and the university at numerous events, including ambassador board meetings, recognition ceremonies, business meetings and president lunches. We act as bridges of communication between the students and the administration, giving feedback on initiatives.

Personally, my favorite events are the ambassador board meetings, where students get to meet the people who link NSU to the surrounding community by spreading awareness throughout their personal connections. Among those at ambassador meetings are school board members, who put in the work to make sure that new initiatives are created to make the school more and more prestigious and valuable to students’ lives. Because of P64, I have gained a deep appreciation for the people who help make our school great, and it’s those people who have engrained the deep sense of pride I have for NSU.

From my experience, I’ve gained internship opportunities, connections that have helped my friends, and an appreciation for the people who donate and the opportunities that they give to students. My biggest piece of advice to incoming students and new P64 members is to take full advantage of what college has to offer and to be an active member in the school’s community — we want nothing but success for you.

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