Be one of a kind with Zeta Phi

Greek life is known for its value of tradition, and Zeta Phi Beta sorority is emphasizing that value by highlighting the ‘finer women’ in their sorority.

Zeta Phi Beta will host Finer Womanhood Week, a week of events that reflect the sorority’s values of self-improvement and service, from March 6 to 12.

Many chapters of Zeta Phi Beta participate in the tradition of Finer Womanhood Week, which will include a nutrition workshop, game night and a barbecue. They will also have a table set up throughout the week in the Don Taft University Center to collect canned goods, clothing and toiletries for the Broward Outreach Center.

Kanika Liburd, senior legal studies major and vice president of Zeta Phi Beta, explained the meaning of finer womanhood.

“It’s about making you the best who you can be,” she said. “We don’t want to bring you in and change you, but we want to help you work on what you need to work on. This is a week to improve upon yourself.”

Stephanie Ladouceur, a senior paralegal studies major and president of Zeta Phi Beta, said she wants Finer Womanhood Week to spark interest in Greek life.

“It’s very rewarding to be a part of,” she said. “It’s about sharing a bond with other people, and I hope this week allows us to share a bond with the student body.”

For Ladouceur, finer womanhood is a personal concept.

“It’s about striving to be better,” she said. “It’s something you focus on every day. We define it as a woman who’s not just settling. She’s always trying to be better and doing something bigger than herself, and she’s always working to achieve her goals.”

Liburd said she hopes that Finer Womanhood Week will change stigmas associated with the Unified Greek Council.

“I want to get it out there in peoples’ minds that we’re not just a social organization,” she explained. “We’re philanthropists, we’re spiritual, we want to educate people. A lot of times, when we table, people will automatically walk away because they think, ‘That’s not something for me,’ before we even open our mouths.”

“We’re really sweet people, so we’d really like to put that out there,” Liburd said.

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Finer Womanhood Week Calendar

March 8—Restaurant fundraiser

March 9—Nutrition workshop 7:20 p.m. @ UC Pit

March 10—Broward Outreach tabling noon-3 p.m. @ UC Spine

March 11—Game Night 7:20 p.m. @ Goodwin Classroom

March 12—Zeta Phi Beta BBQ 7:20 p.m. @ Commons Pagoda


Photo Credit: S. Ladouceur


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