Shark Speak for March 8, 2016

Why are you grateful for NSU professors?


“Many of my professors make big exams such as finals less stressful, and, even though my classes are tough and demanding, I always know that my professors have my best interest at heart and are doing their best to encourage success.”

Zubaida El Hage, master’s in business administration student


“I really appreciate the fact that they are unpredictable. My professors thus far have maintained diversity in their teaching styles and, as a result, have helped me effectively transition into being a college student. Most importantly, they have helped me by encouraging me to both stay on top of my academics and build relationships with my professors.”

Efrain Caceres, freshman biology major


“I love that my professors are dedicated to making sure I succeed, and they are always understanding of each student’s needs.”

Mamie Woolfolk, junior athletic training major


“I have been lucky enough to have several professors who are genuinely nice and engaging. Their teaching styles make learning both interactive and easy.”

Zuleika El Hage, master’s in business administration student


“I am grateful that my professors are open to setting up times to meet outside of the classroom because they really help prepare me for big assignments and tests.”

Marc Mendez, freshman athletic training major


“I’m thankful for the expertise amongst my many professors. So many of them have world recognition in their individual fields, and, as a result, I am able to apply visual real world experience to my material.”

Jesse Favro, clinical psychology student



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