Keeping in the know on the go

Keeping up with information can be difficult. Though Sharks may run to The Current for their weekly news consumption needs, we regrettably cannot be your only source for staying in the know.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in, Sharks need daily news sources that will keep them up to date on national and global news. But with schedules crammed with classes, exams, work and community activities, it can be hard to find the time.

In order to help the busy Shark stay informed, here are four easy ways to get the news before it gets old.

The Daily Skimm

Ever wish your best friend could give you the 411 without making you late to your 10:30 a.m. class? Well, the creators of theSkimm aim for just that. On the biography page of their website, they acknowledge just how time consuming keeping up with the news can be so, they provide their readers with briefings every morning. By sending a short newsletter to your email every morning, theSkimm provides readers with big headlines they need to know to start the day. To ensure that these newsletters are read, the creators established a format that is informal and humorous to hold your attention. You can subscribe at

Circa News

First there was Facebook, then Twitter, Pinterest and now there is Circa — except you won’t see any memes from your aunt on it. Circa News is a digital news platform meant to engage its consumers with a design that is similar to a social media layout. With regular updates throughout the day, users can click on a headline and scroll through information cards related to the topic. These cards may include text, video, pictures or even screenshots from Twitter. The website is still relatively new, but developers plan to launch a mobile app. You can check out the content at

NPR Hourly Newscast

Whether you’re walking across campus or taking a quick shower, NPR makes it easy to multitask with their hourly news updates. These updates cover the big headlines in national and international news in five minutes or less. If listeners want more in-depth information, NPR has other programs in their app to listen to as well. Sharks can listen to the programs for free by downloading the NPR News mobile app available for both iPhone and Android.

Google Trends

Our generation has trusted Google with our hardest homework problems, and now we can also turn to them for our news. What’s even better? Google will bring us the information before we search for it. Google Trends tracks what users all over the world are searching While individuals can look for this information manually on the site, Google Trends also offers free subscription services. By signing in with your email, you can receive daily updates on trending topics. You also have the option of signing up for weekly updates on topics that are important to you — like NSU, for example. You can subscribe for Google Trends at

As you endure the agonizing wait for The Current’s next issue, consider these outlets designed for people on the go to keep you in the know.

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