Sharkspeak: Do you think NSU is a safe place to express your opinions on major topics?



Casey Carotenuto, freshman criminal justice major

“I think it is because there are so many different clubs and things to be involved in. Everybody has their own opinions so it feels easy to express yours knowing that others will either share it or respectfully disagree.”


Stephen Rafferty, senior communication studies major

“I think you definitely have some space to express your opinions here, but I’m not sure if this would be the best place for it. I think it might be better to share opinions in the right context or in the right environment.”


Nicole Vega, senior biology major

“I feel comfortable talking about things like that within my group of friends but I don’t know about everyone else. But in general, I do think it is a safe environment for someone to share their thoughts if they want to.”


Christopher Ramirez, senior legal studies major

“I believe that Nova is a safe campus in which to voice one’s opinion because we are the second most diverse university in the United States. All in all, people are a little too lazy around here to get stuck in all the controversy. They like to hear different opinions.”


Mackenzie Thompson, sophomore nursing major

“Yes, I believe NSU is a safe campus to express my opinions because we all come from different backgrounds and all have different views. Despite our differences we all work well together as a student body so I don’t see why any sort of conflict would ever arise.”


Ethan Lozano, freshman information technology major

“I think it is. I see so many events going on all the time like the debate watch party at Flight Deck and all of the events for Coming Out Week. Everybody seems really chill about it.”

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