Apps every Shark should have

Written by Ben Underhill

In today’s technology-based society, many students carry around mini-computers in their pockets in the form of smartphones. Although most smartphones come with pre-programmed apps, these phones are, for the most part, fully customizable when it comes to which apps you have. Here are just a few of the apps that can help a student’s daily life, all of which are free and available in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Starting with the basics, Microsoft offers the Outlook mail system as a smartphone app. The easy-to-use app lets users hook up multiple emails to the app, as well as turn on notifications for new emails, calendar events and more. With the app, seeing an email late becomes a thing of the past.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

The Blackboard app is another student essential, despite being frustrating at times due to crashes and slow loading speed. The app shows students their most recent grades, current courses, syllabi, upcoming assignments and announcements from professors, just to name a few features.


NSU’s official mobile app is an all-encompassing app designed for students, faculty, staff and even orientation. The “Student, Faculty and Staff” section of the app includes direct access to Blackboard and the course directory, real-time information about Shark Shuttle routes, and RecWell services including group classes, intramural sports and scuba classes.


If involvement peaks your interest, then OrgSync is the way to go. The OrgSync app allows users to stay up-to-date with their organizations as well as browse the other on-campus organizations. The app also features optional notifications for announcements within the involved groups.


Sometimes students might not be in the best position to drive or don’t have a car to begin with. Never fear, ride-sharing is here. Uber offers ride-sharing services that allow the user to request a car to pick them up at a set location and drop them off at another for a reasonable price. For example, an Uber ride from campus to the NSU Art Museum costs about $15, while a ride from campus to Publix would be about $5.50.


Owing money to someone can be a struggle if you don’t usually carry cash. That’s where Venmo comes in: simply hook up a credit or debit card and transfer money to another user. You can also use Venmo to split bills and keep track of your purchasing history.


College can get expensive, so there’s no reason to spend more than you should at stores. RetailMeNot collects hundreds of stores’ sales and coupons together into one coherent app. Users are able to use the coupons directly from the app.


Quizlet is a great resource for study material. It compiles a myriad of practice quizzes, virtual flashcards and more on almost any topic. With all of this information in one place, studying for your next big exam becomes a breeze.

 WhatsApp and GroupMe

These popular group messaging apps are must-haves if you are involved with anything on campus. From sports to performing arts to organizations and more, both of these apps have their advantages for communicating with a large number of people, such as group and direct messaging, liking messages, setting up events people can RSVP for and more.

 WayUp and Indeed

College is all about preparing for a “real-world” job. WayUp, which is only available through the App Store, and Indeed, which is available in Google Play and the Apple Store, provide easy-to-use services that compile internships and jobs within the area. Both apps have their perks. WayUp is designed to help college students and recent graduates find internships and smaller jobs, while Indeed is for anyone and can help find any kind of job within the area.


As much fun as college can be, sometimes it’s nice to get out and explore the city surrounding campus. AroundMe is a great way to see local restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment, including reviews and price ranges.

 Circle of 6

Walking by yourself when no one else is around can be a bit nerve-wracking, but Circle of 6 is there to help. The app lets you choose six trusted people, hence the name, and can tell them where you are and if you need help. The app is a great way to help prevent violence.


College can be very stressful and sometimes just having someone to talk to helps. That’s where Vent comes in. The app allows you to write away all of your feelings and post it to a forum-like community for others to read and respond positively to.

With technology surrounding us in our day-to-day lives, apps can make the difference in productivity, safety and savings. As the semester comes to full speed, make sure to have these apps on hand for another great semester.

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