Midterms are here

By Samantha Yorke

Samantha Yorke is an assistant director and success coach for the Office of Undergraduate Student Success at NSU. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Central Florida and her Master of Science degree in higher education from Florida State University. Samantha is a proud Floridian with a passion for empowering others.

It may feel like the semester has only just begun, but midterm season has officially arrived. Do not fear, though, for there are many strategies that you can use to best prepare for exams.

Check your syllabi to see when your midterm dates are, then write them down in your planner or calendar. Set reminders for midterms on your smartphone.

Make a study schedule. Set aside hours where you can study the material for each course. Break down the material into smaller, easy-to-digest sections.

Practice old examples and read old notes to refresh your mind on what you learned early on in the semester up until this point. Looking back at various chapters and topics may jog your memory on what you considered more difficult and want to spend more time on for midterm prep.

Create a study group to discuss course topics and test each other on examples. Practice teaching and testing your friends to see how well you know the material, and let them test you as well. Make these study group sessions a part of your schedule so that you and your group stick to the date and time you selected.

Schedule an appointment with the Tutoring and Testing Center at NSU for tutoring assistance. Attend Tutoring Tuesdays, One-On-One Tutoring or Sharks Helping Sharks for varying supportive environments with trained tutors.

Meet with your professors and see if they have any study tips or advice in preparation for exams. Go to their office hours, which can be found on your syllabi, chat before or after class or simply email them with questions or concerns.

Make sure you are dedicating enough time to sleeping and eating well for a healthy mind. Work-life balance can be difficult, but sleep and proper nutrition will help significantly with your stress.

Remember to take deep breaths and relax. If you feel overwhelmed, the Henderson Student Counseling Center is available to speak with you.

Find time for yourself. Go to an event hosted by Campus Life and Student Engagement or connect with Student Leadership and Civic Engagement at NSU. It is essential to feel balanced with fun and work to promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Consider speaking to an academic success coach with the Office of Undergraduate Student Success, where you can build a study schedule and learn effective study strategies. These coaches can also connect you to additional success support systems and resources at NSU.

At NSU, we want you to accomplish your goals and succeed in your courses. The resources and tips listed above are just some of the many opportunities available to you. It is up to you to take initiative to connect with these resources and collaborate on your goals. So… why are you still reading this article? It’s time to start preparing for success. Best of luck, Sharks.

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