Staff Picks: Ultimate spring break plans

Spring break is quickly approaching, and while it can be hard to finance the ultimate spring break on a college budget, our staff has some creative ideas for how they would like to spend the break.

Jacqueline Lytle, co-editor-in-chief, said:

“While my bank account may not agree with me, I’d really like to venture out and explore different parts of Florida. Disney World is obviously on the list because, well, Eeyore and Epcot, but I’d also like to find some trails to hike or springs to swim in. Any beach would also suffice. I live in the sunniest state, and I’m white as heck.”

Rachael Hirstein, news editor, said:

“This spring break I want to go on an adventure to somewhere I have never been before, but I also want to keep the adventure inexpensive. I want to grow closer to my friends in the process. This is coming true because I am traveling with a few of my friends to New York for spring break, and it isn’t breaking the bank. We will be spending time learning about each other, while exploring the Big Apple and other locations in the state. I am more than excited to fulfill this desire.”

Grace Ducanis, co-editor-in-chief, said:

“I love seeing new things, but I also want to set aside time this spring break to relax. A day trip is the perfect solution – it lets me feel like I’m traveling without the hassle of a huge time commitment or depleted funds. I can explore a new place during the day but return home at night to indulge in some mindless television. There are so many cool places in South Florida that I don’t usually have time to explore, and spring break is the perfect opportunity to both get out of my comfort zone and stay inside the house.”

Nicole Chavannes, copy editor, said:

“Over spring break, I would love to just be a hermit and stay at home for the entire week. I want to dive into a pile of blankets and watch a marathon of a different movie franchise every day. First Harry Potter, then Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Star Wars. I would finish it off with another Harry Potter day because you can never have too much of the Wizarding World. Those are my #goals for spring break.”

Danielle Pucillo, multimedia manager, said:

“For spring break, I’d like to take my time to reconnect with nature and indulge in some solitude to do some introspective thinking. While I enjoy going out for a good time with friends, I’ve never been the type to party heavily over spring break. I consider it a time to rest and recharge.”

Trent Strafaci, sports intern, said:

“I have to say the one thing I would like to do over spring break is go to Key Largo for a couple days to play golf, then to the beach to hang out and my boat to fish for yellowtail snapper. If the weather is not windy, I’ll go for some Mahi Mahi and tuna.”

Jeweliana Register, arts and entertainment editor, said:

“My ideal spring break is spending the week back home. While my hometown is not super exciting, it will be nice to spend time with family and friends for a week. Not to mention the fact that home is where all of the delicious southern food is.”

Jenna Kopec, features editor, said:

“This spring break I’d like to fly to Rome, eat authentic pizza next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and FaceTime with someone in Paris. I’d also like to fall in love “Letters to Juliet” style before winning the lottery and winning a Nobel Art Prize. Unfortunately, l am very bad at preparing for these things. So I’ll probably just drink lots of coffee, shop and tell my best friend everything I know about Socrates.”

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