Shark Speak: What was your favorite on-campus event this year?

Jose Garcia

José Garcia, freshman biology major

“My favorite event was Kappa Sigma’s Strong Man event because we raised a lot of money for brain cancer research. So it was for a good cause and we had a lot of fun. We brought a lot of people out for a lifting competition, and we got to see their competitive edge.”

Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington, senior environmental science major

“NSU’s Got Talent because it’s a fun event, there’s a lot of people and it’s outdoors.”

Marshall Moini

Marshall Moini, second year dental student

“CommunityFest. They had so many different events, free food – you can’t go wrong with that – and a lot of cool people there.”

Britten Massey

Britten Massey, freshman marine biology major

“My favorite on-campus event this year was the burger eating contest by Relay for Life because I felt like it drew attention to an organization that doesn’t always get spoken about, and it definitely was a lot of fun. I wish a lot more people would have come.”

Jackie Garcia

Jackie Garcia, senior communication major

“My favorite on-campus event this year was CommunityFest. It happens every year, and it’s really cool to see all the organizations set up – there are different foods – and to see all the different vendors around NSU come and different outside communities take part with NSU.”

Shree Kalapatapu

Shree Kalapatapu, freshman biology major

“My favorite on-campus event has been the DPhiE-held fashion show because we raised money for our sister’s father, Scott Lowry, and I thought it was just a great event because all these people got to show off great brands, and we had a good time. It was really nice.”

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