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Fourteen dead in Spain after van attack

On Aug. 17, 13 people were killed and many more injured when a van drove into pedestrians on Las Ramblas, a famous boulevard and tourist destination in Barcelona, according to the BBC. Police later killed five individuals in connection to a second van attack in Cambrils that killed one woman. According to the BBC, both attacks appeared to have been linked to each other and to islamic extremist groups. As of Aug. 18, the man driving in Las Ramblas had yet to have been captured.

Trump’s comments on confederate statues garner criticism

After receiving criticism for his response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, President Trump defended confederate statues around the U.S., many of which are have been removed taken or scheduled to be taken down. According to the Associated Press, Trump said that the removal of these statues was “foolish” and erased the “history and culture” of the U.S.

Death toll rises in Sierra Leone due to mudslides

Over 400 bodies have been recovered from Sierra Leone and over 600 are still missing after a series of flooding and mudslides, according to the Associated Press. The local government has warned residents to evacuate a nearby mountainside and other dangerous areas as more rainfall is expected to come. Critics of the government accuse the administration of not preparing for disaster as many poor areas of Sierra Leone are near sea level and lack drainage systems.

Several stabbed in attack in Finland

A man was shot after stabbing eight people and killing two in the Finnish city of Turku on Aug. 18, according to the Associated Press. Authorities suspect that the man was part of a larger extremist group.

U.S. may have new strategy in Afghanistan

ABC News reported that Defense secretary Jim Mattis said the White House has almost reached a decision on strategy in Afghanistan. Mattis gave no details on what that strategy might look like. The war in Afghanistan is the longest in U.S. history, lasting 16 years. Earlier this year, President Trump expressed frustration about having so many troops in Afghanistan and hinted at firing the top US commander there.

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