Shark Speak: if you could suggest one more change to the NSU administration, what would it be?

Many changes were made in preparation for the Fall 2017 semester, but if you could suggest one more change to the NSU administration, what would it be?


“As of right now, I truly believe that Nova is at its peak point. The only thing that I might have complained about before was the food and now that they changed it — I don’t want to say that the food is great because I haven’t tried it, yet — but I truly believe that Nova’s great with all of the clubs, greek life and people in general so right now I wouldn’t change anything.”

– Oriana Lopez, sophomore international studies major

Marisol Mosqueira

“Currently in HPD they have the study spaces out in the hallways and it gets really loud and it echoes, so maybe adding more study spaces in the Alvin Sherman [library]  — not necessarily study rooms but study spaces — would be helpful.”

  • Marissa Jimenez, first-year optometry student

Danielle (1)

“I would like to see more diversity of majors on campus because like with me, they phased out the PK/primary education program. So, now you’re either doing elementary ed or special ed and I think that they should reimplement it because if you’re not majoring in those areas then you just don’t go here.”

  • Danielle Pierce, senior education major


“From what I’ve seen so far on the campus — it’s definitely a lot bigger than where I went to do school for my undergraduate career and it seems like they have all their bases covered … it’s a beautiful campus; it has tons of resources so I really can’t think of any suggestions at the moment.”

  • Alexandra Barth, graduate marine biology student


“More study rooms and study places in general. We have study places in HPD but they’re remodeling so we don’t really have anywhere at the moment to study, so we’re having to come over to Alvin.”

  • Jessica Stone, first-year optometry student


“For me, personally, I feel like I haven’t been able to get that complete student experience because I’m a commuter student — it’s more like people who live on campus that get that and I feel like I’m missing out on that part.”

  • Kemely Romero, senior environmental science major


“I would personally like to see a change in the menu options on campus. There are a lot of students here that come from different ethnicities and different cultures and I feel like we should cater more to our vast student population; not just in the UC Pit but all over campus.”

  • Andy Pierre-Louis, senior communication major

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