Residence done right

Decorating your room can be both exciting and overwhelming. If it’s your first time moving into the resident halls and you are feeling stressed between the unpacking and the never-ending list of Pinterest-perfect décor items, take a deep breath and relax a little. Melt some of the pressure away with these easy decoration ideas that won’t add to your stress level.


Rooms in the resident halls can be a little dark, so add some light to your space with some fairy lights. Available at most home goods stores and online, these lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. These lights can be hung in a number of different places, like around a closet to add more lighting, in zig zagged lines to use for displaying photos or above a desk to add little extra light to your study area. For easy application and a quick clean up later, hang these lights using Command strips.

Personalize it

With apps like Instagram, it’s no secret that we love a good photo. Print off photos of your family, friends and pets to display in your new room. This little bit of personalization will help make your resident halls feel more like home. Just be sure to leave a little space for your college snapshots to come. These photos can be framed, hung up by clothespins on strings in your room or pinned on a cork board. Get creative.

Throw pillows and cozy blankets

Nothing says home like comfy pillows and cozy blankets. If your room is feeling a bit cold, warm it up with some soft, useful décor. Cozy blankets are a must for afternoons spent binge watching Netflix, so stock up on some from your favorite retailer. Liven up your space with trendy throw pillows in cool patterns, fun sayings and relatable quotes. The options are endless, and the pieces will warm up your space, literally and figuratively.

Washi tape

Looking to hang up some wall art but hate the look of chunky frames? Washi tape is easy to remove and easy to install. Take your prints and lay them out how you like, then use washi tape along the edges to secure them to the wall. Check Pinterest for inspiration on how to create the perfect gallery wall, or look for ideas on what to tape to the wall. Some cool ideas are records, graphic prints, custom artwork, inspirational quotes or personal photos.


Curtains have a way of transforming a room into a more welcoming space. Just grab a solid coordinating color of curtains or a fun print that you like and hang them in front of your window. This a cheap and easy way to warm up the room. You can also utilize curtains as a way to hide anything that you store under your bed if you loft it. Simply pick out a pair of curtains that you love and tack them under your mattress to easily camouflage your storage space.

Greenery and flowers

A simple way to liven up a space is to bring in some greenery. If you love plants but worry that you do not have a green thumb, simply grab some little plastic succulents from your local home goods store. These succulents add the perfect amount of green to a space and add a Tumblr vibe to the space. You can do the same thing with flowers and a vase if that is more your style.


Caption (Permission from J. Register): Decorating your room can be a way to help make NSU feel like home, but it doesn’t have to break the bank or be stressful.

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