News Anchor, Sept. 8, 2017

Trump administration moves to end DACA

According to the New York Times, on Aug. 5, president Trump announced that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program established under the Obama administration. DACA protects individuals who were illegally brought to the United States as children from facing immediate deportation and allows them to legally work. More than 800,000 individuals would be at risk of deportation beginning as early as March 2018 if Congress fails to create a replacement program.

DNA tests proves woman not Salvador Dali’s daughter

After running DNA tests using samples of Salvador Dali’s teeth and hair, it has been determined that Maria Pilar Abel Martinez is not the biological daughter of the prominent surrealist painter. CNN reported that in spite of public outcry, a Spanish court ordered the body of Dali to be exhumed in July 2017 to put an end to Martinez’s decade-long paternity suit. The famed artist died in 1989.

Kentucky could become first state without abortion clinic

A licensing battle which started in Louisville in March 2017 could be responsible for the legal shutdown of the last abortion clinic in the state. According to Fox News, the Republican administration, headed by governor Matt Bevin, alleged that the clinic lacked sufficient transfer agreements and is seeking to revoke the clinic’s license. Amanda Stamper, Bevin’s spokeswoman, said that the transfer agreements which were enacted in 1998 serve as important measures to ensure women have adequate life-saving procedures in case of emergencies.

Broward teen makes impressive pass; unofficial state first

Holly Neher, a student at Hollywood Hills High School and first female quarterback at the Broward County school, set records with a 42-yard touchdown pass in a game against Hallandale High School. The 16-year old is the only girl on her school’s 50-member varsity team and was playing in her first varsity game. According to ABCNews, officials believe that Neher may have set a state record as the first female quarterback to throw such a pass.

More than 125,000 Muslims flee Myanmar

NPR reported that over a two-week span, nearly 125,000 members of a Muslim ethnic minority known as Rohingya have fled from Myanmar into Bangladesh away from the Myanmar military. The ordeal began on Aug. 25 when a Rohingya militant group attacked Myanmar posts leading to the retaliation of the Buddhist-majority citizens. Accounts of rape, robbery, murder and arson against the Rohingyas have since surfaced.

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