Staff Picks: Apps every college student needs

Michaela Greer, co-editor-in-chief, said Wunderlist

“Throughout my years at NSU, there hasn’t been a time when I didn’t have two jobs. Add the schedule of a full-time student, a dash of desires to keep a social life alive, stir in a sprinkle of internship commitments, a pound of miscellaneous responsibilities, and you’ve got a recipe for feeling overwhelmed. Enter: Wunderlist — the app which allows me to make and organize to-do lists by category, add reminders or due dates and even share a checklist with someone right from my phone. Exit: ‘I knew I had something to do…’”

Jenna Kopec, co-editor-in-chief, said SunTrust Mobile

“As crazy as it may seem, the app that saves my life is SunTrust Mobile. Everybody knows that being in college means having a ‘college budget’, also known as being broke. Having my bank on my phone makes it easy to deposit checks and transfer money between accounts. Like Kevin Hart, I have a checkings and a savings but most of the money is in the savings…”

Carli Lutz, chief of visual design, said Spotify

“The app that’s been helping me survive college is definitely Spotify. I’m constantly listening to music as it is a huge part of my life. Having Spotify on my phone and computer has kept me focused when I’m studying or working on any projects or papers I have to get done for my classes. It’s also nice to be listening to music when you’re walking from class to class.”

Nicole Chavannes, copy editor, said Uber and Lyft

“Two apps — which I think are interchangeable — that have helped me survive college are Uber and Lyft. Both are location-based apps that allow riders to hire a private driver, similar to but less expensive than a taxi. These apps allow me to travel to and from home, work and school quickly and affordably while I save up for a car.”

Gabrielle Thompson, features editor, said Spotify

“The app that has been key to my survival in college is not one that sounds the most practical or obvious. It is actually Spotify. The app allows me to wind down when I am stressed, concentrate on my work when I am distracted and, all in all, have more fun. College is all about balance, and Spotify is there for me in every situation.”

Danielle Pucillo, multimedia manager, said Whatsapp

“If there is any app that I’d recommend to help survive college, it would probably be Whatsapp. It’s useful for group projects and other assignments that require other team members.”

Jeweliana Register, arts and entertainment editor, said Starbucks Mobile

“Between my classes, my job, my internship and my club involvements, lots of sleep does not always fit in my schedule. I also really love coffee, so I tend to make daily trips to Starbucks for iced coffee. I use the app every time that I pay so that I can get points towards a free drink, which really helps my college budget out. Starbucks mobile app is definitely a necessity for me.”

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