Celebrating Autumn in South Florida: It’s possible

Down here in SoFlo, it’s pretty rare to see leaves changing to a different hue or feel a crisp breeze in the air, but for those of you missing autumn colors, here are five tips to help make the heat feel a little more homey.

Hit up the theaters
cinema-2502213_1920If you’re looking to feel that familiar fall fright, check out all the new movies being released in October. “Happy Death Day,” Oct. 13, “Leatherface,” Oct. 20 and “Jigsaw,” Oct. 27, are sure to give you a good scare. If you’re not really into horror, pop in the DVDs “Hocus Pocus” or “Halloweentown” and settle down with a blanket and warm drink for a night of nostalgia.

Take advantage of pumpkin spice

There’s more to look forward to this season than just lattesautumn-1947782_1920. From Kit Kats to Twinkies, there’s something spiced for everyone this season. Stop by Trader Joe’s and search for pumpkin rolls and petite pumpkin spice cookies. If you’re still looking for something to cool you off, look for Califia Farms’ pumpkin spice latte cold brew coffee with almond milk or Talenti pumpkin pie gelato at Target.

Try your hand at baking
Nothing says fall like a steaming apple crisp or gingersnaps right out of the oven. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or you manage to somehow burn cereal, be sure to still have fun with it. Pinterest offers a wide variety of recipes to test, from traditional pies to wild cheesecakes and creative cobblers. If you’re looking for an easy, dorm-friendly dish, try dipping apple slices in caramel dip and covering them with your favorite toppings. It’s even more fun making these caramel apple bites with friends.cupcakes-690040_1920

Decorate your room
autumn-20461_1920Just because it doesn’t look like autumn outside, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way on the inside. Jazz up your apartment or bedroom with some simple and inexpensive hacks. Buy plain plastic pumpkins and paint them white, add glitter or match them with your current decor. If fake pumpkins aren’t your thing, you can even use real gourds found at craft stores and farmer’s markets. Combined in a large bowl from Walmart or a thrift store, they are sure to make a great centerpiece. For another fun DIY, try cutting out some leaves from scrap fabric and attaching them to a string for a unique, customizable garland to hang above your bed or across your door.

Shop around for seasonal produce
One quick search on Google renders plenty of nefarmers-market-1213097_1920arby farmer’s markets to find fresh fruitsand vegetables. Even though we’re in Florida, there are still plenty of vendors who sell autumnal produce. Be on the lookout for squashes, pumpkins, apples and corn at local pumpkin patches. Try getting creative with it — test your culinary skills by making a homemade pumpkin pie or stuffed acorn squash for a dinner with friends and family.

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