Commuters, it benefits you to get involved on campus

Champions and advocates are leaders of our generation who defeat all purposes and rivals in competition. These strong-minded and wise individuals usually defend and motivate others around them, which is why we call them champions. Big wins can only occur from small steps, which only begin after getting yourself involved and the best way to get involved on campus is by joining a group or organization.

Joining these associations help to build friendships, unions and connections with other persons. A commuter student, person who does not live on campus but travels a certain distance to school everyday, can get involved as easily as a student who lives on campus by joining an organization. Being in a club automatically forms an intimate group of persons who can meet every week and spend time together throughout the semester. In addition to forming these relationships, the members of these groups can help support you and keep you informed about other campus activities and events.

One of the types of organizations that do an excellent job of this are fraternities and sororities. Joining a fraternity or sorority is said to build character and social skills, which a person can hold onto for a lifetime. For example, a majority of students mention that they joined Greek life to make friends and get the full college experience. There is also the long-term potential for these students who have such a close-knit group who they can rely on and communicate with.

Even if joining a fraternity or sorority doesn’t appeal to you, there are other clubs and organizations that cater to students’ specific niches. In fact, there’s even a club created specifically for commuters to help keep them involved on campus. Pavan Tilokani, a commuter and member of the club agrees that students should get involved no matter how far you live away from campus. According to him, the Commuter Club helps introduce students to different opportunities for socializing and creating bonds among students their age; a great resource for commuter students who struggle to stay involved.

Commuter students should try to stay involved on campus since the lifestyle you create while in college will reflect on you in the long run. College is the place to make connections, life-long friendships and motivate you to be better each and every day. Therefore, it’s worth the minor hassle to leave the house and get on campus to work on fun activities that you will come to love.

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