Out of the Sharkzone, Oct. 10, 2017

Lions linebacker out with knee injury

During Sunday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions linebacker Paul Worrilow had to be carted off the field in the first defensive play of the game. According to Detroit Free Press, Worrilow has a sprained MCL and will miss the next two to four weeks. After the injury, the Lions went on to win the game 14-7.

Morris twins acquitted of aggravated assault charges

NBA players Marcus and Markieff Morris have been on trial for two weeks for aggravated assault charges, causing them to miss the start of NBA preseason. According to ESPN, the charges were filed in 2015 when both brothers played for the Phoenix Suns. A Phoenix jury acquitted the brothers this past Tuesday. The brothers both said they felt relieved to be able to return to their teams after the trial ended. Marcus plays for the Boston Celtics and Markieff plays for the Washington Wizards.

Golden Knights’ Nate Schmidt speaks out after Vegas tragedy

Two days after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights’ hockey team went out into their community. In an interview with ESPN, Nate Schmidt discussed the “heavy atmosphere” of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where people were gathered to see if their loved ones were alive. Monday was a “gloomy day” for Vegas but on Tuesday, the city was “getting back on its feet.”  Schmidt reported the mass surge of volunteers and donations, stating that “it’s an honor to be part of the new fabric sewn onto the quilt that is this city.”

Cam Newton makes comments to female reporter

Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers,  said it was “funny” to hear a female talk about routes in the NFL after Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question about wide receiver routing in a press conference, according to USA Today. Newton did answer Rodrigue’s question and a Panthers’ spokesperson said Newton apologized to her afterward. Rodrigue released a statement saying she was “dismayed” by Newton’s words and that he did not actually apologize to her. On Oct. 5, the day after these comments were made, Newton lost his sponsorship with Dannon. Since then, Newton released a public apology via twitter stating that he “learned his lesson,” that his comments were “unacceptable” and asking young fans “not to be like me.” According to CNN, Rodrigue has also publicly apologized about comments she made on Twitter making light of racist comments four or five years ago and for a Tweet using a racist term in 2012.

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