Shark Speak: What are your opinions on gun control laws in the US?

elena KampianElena Kampian, freshman marine biology major:

“I think the law should be strict as possible. I know that the U.S. has a lot of restrictions and background checks and stuff. But, you never know what someone’s going to do with [guns]. You’re not going to know if someone’s going to abuse their power. It’s a tough topic, I mean I want gun control but at the same time you can only do some much.”



Blanch Khouri Sader, freshman biology major:blanch khouri sader

“I think people shouldn’t have guns; people shouldn’t have guns to begin with. It should be controlled, you should have reasons to buy it and contracts you have to sign. If you’re gonna have a gun for safety, you don’t need a machine gun. We should block certain guns.”

braden schlosserBraden Schlosser, graduate student in Shepard Broad College of Law:

“We need to take the emotion out of it. Right now people are acting emotionally and are politicizing a really tragic event. So we need to take the emotion out of it and then determine if there is a proper policy prescription with gun control that might be helpful in stopping future attacks like this or if there is culturally something we need to look at. We need a little time before we discuss it, so we can remove the emotion from it and make a more logical decision.”

noah norwood

Noah Norwood, freshman marine biology major:

“There should be restrictions such as selective availability for certain people with mental illnesses and such. As far as complete control, there shouldn’t be complete control. I’m from Tennessee and there are a lot of guns there.”

steffen willedSteffen Willed, sophomore business administration and management major:

“It’s not the guns that kill people, it’s the people that kill people. Everyone can have arms. It’s about the people, it’s not about the weapons in the country. [The discussion should be] about educating our children to grow into the future of being better people. Everyone has opinions and ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong. There are groups out there who want to put their message through and think that violence is the way they are going to do it and other people follow on that. It’s not the weapons that kill people, it’s the people who shoot the weapons that do it.”

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