Tips from an avid concertgoer

As a seasoned concertgoer, I know a thing or two about how to make the most of your time at a show. Whether it’s a small local venue or a huge music festival, the same basic tips apply. Check out these six pieces of advice for how to make your concert experience the best yet.

Buy your concert tickets early

If you really want to see a band perform, you’re obviously going to be super excited to purchase your tickets. Buying the tickets early gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about them selling out or the best seats being taken. Ticket prices can also go up the closer it gets to the night of the show. Buying your tickets early alleviates the stress of waiting in lines to purchase tickets.

Don’t just be on time, be early

My rule of thumb is to be at the concert venue at least 45 minutes to an hour before the doors open. Yes, it is awful standing outside and waiting to be let in, especially if it is pouring down rain. But if you want to get close to the stage in a general admission style-venue, arriving early is necessary. Even though I mostly go to concerts of lesser-known bands and there is not usually a huge crowd, I still enjoy being at the very front of the crowd.

Dress the part

The inside of the concert venue will most likely be cold, but it will definitely heat up when everyone piles in to watch the show. Make sure to dress in layers. I recommend having some sort of jacket or flannel. These will keep you warm in the beginning but are easy to take off and tie around your waist when the venue gets hot. Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes as, depending on the venue,  you will likely be standing all night long.

Put your phone down

It is totally okay to record some of your favorite songs and post it to your Snapchat story, but you should not have your phone above your head every two minutes. Stop to enjoy the moment. It’s great to share your experiences with the world, but you should not be so busy recording the artist that you miss out on the actual atmosphere and experience of the concert itself.

Have fun

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people pay to go to a concert and just stand there. If you’re going to a concert in the first place, chances are you actually like the band or artist. Make sure you show them that you’re enjoying their performance. Don’t just stand there — dance and sing along, or at least sway a little bit.

Stay a little while after the show

Oftentimes, especially at smaller venues, the band will come out after the show is over to meet their fans. This is the perfect opportunity to get signatures and pictures, as well as interact with the band members. Who knows? You might end up having a great connection with them.

   Concerts are a great way to unwind from a crazy week and create lasting memories. If you’re prepared, nothing can ruin your night. Remember these few tips and get ready for an awesome night full of good music, friends and a lively atmosphere.

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