NBC 6 to host College Week event in UC on Oct. 17

Written by Nicole Chavannes and Jenna Kopec

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, local NBC 6 news station will feature NSU for College Week, an annual series of broadcasts showcasing accomplishments and interesting activities of universities across South Florida. The event will be held at the Don Taft University Center next to the pit from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

Kyle Fisher, vice president for public relations and marketing communications at NSU, said it will be important to have a good turnout at the event to increase NSU’s exposure since there will be a TV crew and live on-camera reporter from NBC 6.

“The more we can keep things fun and interesting… the more appealing we will be for the news editor back in the control room to say, ‘Hey, let’s put that NSU scene on the broadcast,’” Fisher said.

Fisher also said there are some pre-recorded segments that will highlight NSU’s unique relationship with the Miami Dolphins, as well as recent accomplishments in opioid epidemic research.

“Some of the work that our researchers have done recently includes… innovations that are potential solutions to that challenging problem [of opioid addiction], so the opioid epidemic research is one of the topics that we’ve already covered and that we’ll offer to the station to feature,” Fisher said.

At the event, students can expect RadioX to provide music and the Sharkettes to perform, as well as prizes and giveaways throughout. An NBC 6 on-site reporter will also conduct interviews with students about every half hour.

“I think young people today are so savvy about being on camera and telling their own story… that [they] are naturals on camera,” Fisher said. “It would be really fun for somebody to get a chance to do it.”

In terms of attire, Fisher said students should think of what it takes to make it on the jumbotron at big sporting events and come in their best Shark gear.

On why students should attend, Fisher said, “The story will talk about the serious side of your school and the contributions it makes, but it’s also a chance for people to see that you represent the next generation of leaders… so get your faces and your stories out there and show your Shark Pride.”

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