Shark Speak: How do you describe your relationship with your professors?

Anthony Benitez

Anthony Benitez, junior computer engineering major

I have one professor that even if I understand the [basic] course material I can go to her if I need any help. She understands that if I go to her, I really couldn’t understand it [on a deeper level] myself. You have professors that will go out of their way to teach you from the very basics and you have professors that will forget you once you understand the [basics].”



anthony bianco



Anthony Biano, freshman biology major

One of my professors tends to be a little soft-spoken during class but he’s still good at his job.”



kaylee gilhooley


Kaylee Gilhooley, freshman computer science major

[One of my professors] is really nice. She went over most of the questions on the midterms multiple times and she tends to respond to emails pretty quickly. Overall, my professors are all really nice.”



alison hughes

Alison Hughes, junior exercise and sport science major

Pretty good. They are all pretty easy going and easy to talk to. Being an athlete, they are very understanding of my schedule. So it’s going good so far.”




Shihab Joseph


Shihab Joseph, freshman biology major

“As of now its usually they teach, I learn. I have a question, I email them and they respond. I haven’t gotten to know many of them yet but I think that’s because everything is still relatively new.”


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