GBSA to host Annual Business Ball

The Graduate Business Student Association will host the Annual Business Ball Nov. 18 at the The Westin Hotel.  GBSA is an organization on campus dedicated to students through academic and developmental growth as well as fun social events like the Business Ball. They offer students engagement in the community through networking opportunities to contribute to students’ growth.  

“We opened up the GBSA lounge as a way for students to relax. We also opened up a study room and provided students with salsa lessons and free food during Hispanic Heritage Month,” said Vanessa Daley, marketing director of GBSA.

This year’s “A Night at Sea” themed event will focus on one simple idea: that business is “anchored” in new horizons. This event is an opportunity to create relationships and network within the NSU community and its affiliates. It will feature a networking hour where communication with your peers, faculty members and alumni will be highly encouraged. A three-course formal dinner, entertainment and giveaway portion will follow.

Most of the giveaways and raffles remain undisclosed, but electronics and a room at the Westin are currently in the works. Event attendees will also receive free entry into a nearby nightclub if they choose after the ball.

This is a chance to engage with like-minded peers that you might not interact with on a daily basis.

“It’s definitely a mix of business and pleasure. We have time dedicated to each. Towards the end, if you want to continue the fun, that’s what the wristbands are for, to engage with your peers,” said Daley.

The tickets for the event are available for purchase online at until Nov. 15. The cost is $15 per person with an option of up to three guests.

Daley said, “Business, networking and entrepreneurship are a part of everything. Every organization you interact with will require leadership and communication skills and that is what [GBSA] embodies.”

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