Out of the Shark Zone, Oct. 24, 2017

Miami Dolphins victorious against Atlanta Falcons

The Miami Dolphins won 20-17 against the Atlanta Falcons on Oct. 15. It was a turning point in the Dolphin’s current season after several losses. Several outlets have reported that it feels like the team is finding itself the same way they did in 2016, when its turning point was the fifth game. “It was a great win for us,” running back Jay Ajayi said. “With how we have been playing, it was great for us just to finish a game no matter what the obstacles are.”

Las Vegas Golden Knights apologize for sexist tweets

According to USA Today, the Golden Knights made a public apology 18 hours after a post from the team’s twitter account featured a series of sexist tweets that have since been deleted. The tweets in question used female names instead of Boston Bruins’ actual starting lines and defensive pairs for Sunday’s game. “Before Sunday’s game against the Boston Bruins, we issued a series of tweets quoting a Boston-based movie with a bear as its main character that was in poor taste,” the Knights’ email said. “By no means were the tweets intended to disparage females or female hockey players in any way. We do not condone sexism in any form and fully support the inclusive culture of hockey that makes our sport great. We accept full responsibility for our actions and apologize to those who were offended.”

Indonesian Soccer player dies after collision with teammate

According to USA Today, Choirul Huda, an Indonesian goalkeeper, died over the weekend after colliding with his teammate Ramon Rodrigues’ knee. Huda, 38, made more than 500 appearances in his soccer career and played for the Indonesian team Persela F.C. The incident happened in a match between Semen Padang. While charging a ball in the penalty box in the first half of the match, Huda’s upper body collided with Rodrigues’ knee leaving Huda unconscious as he was taken off the field. Dr. Yudistiro Andri Nugroho said that the incident caused Huda to stop breathing and go into a cardiac arrest moments later.  “All of the players finished the game and went to the hospital, where it was announced that Choirul Huda had died,” Persela coach Aji Santoso told The Daily Mirror. “The loss of Choirul Huda has hit us all hard.”

Colin Kaepernick files grievance against the NFL over protest

According to CNN, football player Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance on Oct. 15 claiming that the National Football League and team owners punished him for his protests demonstrations and they conspired against him being signed. Kaepernick first took a knee during the national anthem before a 2016 preseason game, in protest of the treatment of black Americans around the country, especially by the police. Since opting out of his contract with the 49ers in March, he hasn’t been picked by another team. Mark Geragos, Kaepernick’s attorney, said in a statement that the grievance was filed “only after pursuing every possible avenue with all NFL teams and their executives,” adding that athletes who protest peacefully “should not be punished” and not prevented from working because of “partisan political provocation by the executive branch of our government.”

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