Riverdale: Murder mystery meets romance

The CW’s hit series “Riverdale” follows the teenagers of Riverdale through their high school experience, which is anything but normal. Between the budding romances and the complicated friendships, these high school sophomores have more than enough drama to keep an audience entertained. Throw in a murder mystery and a few sketchy adults and town officials and the plot immediately thickens.

Modeled after Archie’s Comics from the 1940s, “Riverdale” is a blast from the past revamped. While “Riverdale” keeps the original characters’ names, the show gives them more personal struggles and complicated backstories. In each episode, fans of the show learn more about each character, like why Jughead Jones is so mysterious and why Veronica Lodge suddenly moved to Riverdale from New York. The series follows the characters’ journey into adulthood, focusing specifically on their romances and their struggle to accept their family secrets and lies. With such dynamic characters, you are bound to find a one that you love.

If you are a fan of symbolism, you will enjoy all of the little details in this murder mystery show. Analyzing the seemingly miniscule color choices — like the type of milkshakes the crew is drinking at Pop’s, or the color that Cheryl Blossom chooses to wear in pivotal scenes — can help viewers predict what will happen next and what the underlying messages are.

After the end of season one left “Riverdale” fans with a few cliffhangers, season two started off with a bang. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or have yet to watch season one, after Archie and the gang discover who Jason Blossom’s real killer is, the season ends with a shooting at Pop’s. Season two opens up with the aftermath of what happens post shooting, leaving Archie and the gang struggling to feel safe in their home. With secrets unraveling and a new plot twist at every turn, season two is off to a great start.

As someone who doesn’t normally enjoy murder mystery shows, I was surprised when I finished binge-watching season one in three days this summer. Between the romances — Bughead forever — the lovable characters, the way that the cast is intertwined in each other’s lives and the characters’ fashion choices, what’s not to love? “Riverdale” keeps fans guessing and speculating about theories in this “who dunnit?” type of thriller that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

If you are a fan of mystery, romance and drama, “Riverdale” is the show for you. With a new backstory and motive revealed after every episode, this series makes it hard to wait until the next episode airs every Wednesday night.

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