Seriously Kidding: Streamdale to be filmed on NSU campus

On Oct. 17, it was announced that NSU’s Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus will serve as the next filming location for an unrevealed movie-streaming giant. Hollywood producers behind the hit show, Streamdale, have reached an agreement with NSU President George Hanbury that will give them full access to NSU facilities, including students’ residence halls. Stars from the show have already expressed their excitement to be able to film at our renowned university. Production is set to begin Dec. 4.

“We chose NSU because it’s a very spacious campus that has a lot of natural vibes and that’s what our show is all about,” Gary Pose, production manager, said.

Additionally, word has gotten around that the stars of the show will be staying in the sixth floor of the Commons residence hall, and will room with Razor’s Edge Talent students as a way to help them learn more about the entertainment world. In preparation for their arrival, the Office of Public Safety is developing measures in which stars can feel as if they are actual students.

“We want them to feel welcome and safe in our Shark family,” said Patricia Mirtel, head of security. “The whole sixth floor will be under renovation starting next month.”  

Professors have shown their concerns about this decision stating that “this is a teaching environment, not a Hollywood set.”

“If they are going to treat the stars as normal students, they should start getting ready to attend classes and be involved in some kind of club they find interesting,” professor of mathematics John Sanchez said.

Cast and crew are expected to stay in the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus for at least a month, but it could take up to three months if necessary.

“I think that this is a great opportunity to learn more about show production and to put NSU on the map for future shows that would want to use our campus as set location,” stated Pablo Smith, communication major and student media staff member.

Many students have expressed their excitement about this news and there has already been an increase on student involvement around campus.

“Hopefully the stars will be interested in joining their respective fan clubs we have on campus!” Joanna Yennis, biology major and president of the Hollywood’s Admirers fan club stated. Additionally, the fraternity Beta Alpha Sigma (βΑΣ) stated that they’ll make every male star an honorary brother.  

Students, faculty and staff will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to prevent video, photo and information leaks of the new season. Those who decide not to sign

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