Shark Speak: What’s your favorite Halloween movie, why?

TK CesarTK Cesar, freshman business major

“My favorite Halloween movie would be ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ because I’ve watched it since I was little and it’s my favorite childhood movie.”





Yara Khalifa, senior biology majorYara Khalifa

“My favorite Halloween movies are ‘Halloweentown,’ ‘Hocus Pocus’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ was the first movie [I watched] when I moved to America that was Halloween [themed], and the other ones are just good.”




David RochaDavid Rocha, freshman political science major

“I actually have three tied [for my favorite]. ‘Child’s Play,’ the first Chucky movie, ‘It,’ the new movie that just came out, and ‘The Visit.’ Those are my top three.





Victoria Leon, sophomore biology majorVictoria Leon

“My favorite Halloween movie is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ because it ties in my favorite holidays.”






Rachel SheppardRachel Sheppard, freshman marine biology major

“My favorite Halloween movie is ‘Twitches’ because I like Tia and Tamara a lot, and I also watched it when I was little a lot. I just really like it.”

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