‘Digressions’ submission deadline to close Nov. 20

The deadline for undergraduate and graduate students to submit their works to “Digressions,” NSU’s literary magazine sponsored by the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, is quickly approaching. Students can submit original artwork, photos, short stories, poems and creative essays by Nov. 20 to be considered for publication in the 15th issue, which will launch in April.

Molly Scanlon, associate professor in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and faculty adviser for “Digressions,” encourages any students, no matter their major, to submit their works.

“It makes them feel vulnerable to put their work out there, but it’s also really important as a creative person to put your work out there to get feedback and responses,” Scanlon said.

Logan Stewart, this year’s layout and design manager, also encouraged students outside of the humanities to submit. .

“I’m an art major, so it’s cool to see my work published, but there’s a lot of people here who aren’t art majors, and that doesn’t mean they don’t want their work to be shown,” said Stewart.  “Maybe you’re a biology major but you like to write on the side — it would be cool to have your work published somewhere where other people can read it. It’s just a little something extra.”

“I think everyone has their own personal story, whatever they have in their head, they can get out,” said Melissa Boneta, managing editor for “Digressions.” “Try submitting, and see what happens. The review staff is very open-minded and we love everything that you guys submit to us.”

Scanlon added that graduate students should also send in anything they would like to be considered, as submissions were opened up to all NSU students two years ago, whereas previously only undergraduate submissions were taken.

“Art brings unity, especially if it’s a piece that people can relate to collectively,” explained Boneta. “If people can connect to a message that someone’s trying to say, and you can connect to another person that connects to that, it kind of just brings people together.”

Even if you’re new to the art scene, Stewart encourages anyone to test their hand — and their mind — to try something new.

“On top of all the normal school work and stress, it’s showing how you can branch off into other things,” Stewart said.

Interested students can submit their work at nsuworks.nova.edu/digressions. If you have any questions, or are considering joining the “Digressions” team, send an email to editor-in-chief Nicole Chavannes at nc805@mynsu.nova.edu.

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